Friday, July 2, 2010

Well that was a bit odd.

Do you ever have really odd dreams ? I do, everything from a weird dream with portal system that i had to jump through to get through the, for lack of better word, "proper" dream to a dream involving a giant evil mushroom, don't remember much of that one though. So i thought I'd share a few of my weirder dreams with you.

When i was younger I had a recurring dream of going fishing, that wasn't the weird part. We'd go fishing for whales inside this giant lake. These whales weren't exactly anatomically correct, they were more like cartoony blue whales, if that makes any sense. So we went out on this little, old creaky boat and we threw in a line and the whale took the bait and sunk the boat. Not being ones to give up we went back again, no no with a bigger boat, the same boat but.....with a car on it. Now i don't really understand how that was supposed to work, and in the end i didn't, the whale sunk that too. Then in a last stitch effort to try and catch this whales we put a bus AND a car on the boat, i still don't understand that logic, and yet again it didn't work. But this time instead of magically appearing on new, with vehicle added boat we were dragged to the bottom of the lake and we had to swim to the top. At this point i should probably mention that the dream had gone from first person to third person and i was now watching someone who looked like Tarzan in a naval uniform swim to the top. Odd one wasn't it ?

A few months ago, I had a weird dream, woke up, fell asleep and had another weird dream, this is the second of those. Basically, i was sent off to a summer camp with my dad to see if we could get along better ,as far as I'm concerned we get along fine in real life, but it was a dream so i'm willing to accept it. Anyway when we got there we were told that the was only 2 other people there, and out of all the people it could have been it was Roy Orbison and Voldemort. At this point my dad had gone missing, and i was left alone with Roy and Voldie, who apparently were the best of buds! I'm still not sure were that one came from.

This one is the most recent, i had it the night before last. In the dream there was a talent show/variety show being held, apparently in my school (which had somehow magically grown an auditorium right beside the P.E hall). So this group were on stage and they had this very tiny drum kit and they broke it. So i went into the sports hall to find a replacement when i saw this evil super secret agent dude on some super secret spy gear that had apparently been hidden under the floor in the P.E hall, i called in my boss, and he saw it too. Seemingly this guy was part of a group of people who were involved in murders, and was trying to sabotage the second drum kit. So anyway we built the second drum kit, got it on stage and then planned to out the secret agent by writing the truth on the soles of some people shows and showing it to the audience and the camera which had somehow got there, and then i woke up.

Lastly, this is a dream that really freaked me out, I had it on the same night as the summer camp dream. My friends and I were adventuring around the world going to each continent. So we decided why not head into the Artic circle. In this dream Michael Jackson had just died of an Ice burg crushing him, in the Artic circle. So we went on up and then we found said ice burg. There was a giant crack in it. So i went up to have a looksie. I looked down through the big crack and what do i see ? Michael Jackson's face and he was croaking for me to help him. That was freaky enough. But then he lifts the ice burg all by his own weight gets up starts walking and then moon walking around the place! I have to say it was really really really weird.

So they are a few of my weird dreams. Whats the weirdest dream you've had ?

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