Saturday, July 3, 2010

My guilty pleasure

We all have them , our little guilty pleasures, weather it be the pop song, you know you should hate or the movie that's so bad you have to love.

Fanfiction....or rather Harry Potter Fanfiction. I love it. Now i don't love all of it, some of it, is really bad. But the ones that are well written, have a good plot and characters and aren't too unbelievable are rather enjoyable to read. The thing I like about it is, that even though the series has ended, we can explore what may, or may not happen. I know there are many Harry Potter fans who did not like th epilogue, and fanfictoin gives you the chance to change what happened. To let characters who died live, to see what happened if a character had never exsisted and well if somethings well written why no read it ?

Now, this is becoming less and less of a guilty pleasure but musicals. I don't know what it is, maybe its the telling of a story through song or the whole putting on a show of it, but I cannot get enough. I can trace the beginnings of this pleasure back to Calamity Jane. It was the school musical in the school last year, and i was put in the chorus and i still remember the songs. " But its Harry I'm planning to marry". I did like the songs in that musical but i wasn't mad into it. Then i discovered Wicked. Now that just blew me away. The songs were incredible, i mean take Defying Gravity for instance ? Such a beautiful song. As much as i love Wicked i have to say my favourite musical, has to be A very potter musical. Combining my love of Harry and his adventures and music! It is just one of the funniest thing I have ever seen. My favourite character in any musical has to be Draco as played by Lauren Lopez ( at least i think thats her name i'm not certain). It is so funny and well timed and just to use an internet phrase EPIC!!

Twilight. Now let me get this straight. I like the books, cause, well they're just a fun read, I don't care about Team Jacob or Team Edward, i am very much team Harry Potter....but i did rather like reading them. Saying that i do enjoy taking the piss out of them as its so easy to do. I have no intention of seeing Eclipse or any of the others movies. I actually hate how people are so obsessed with the characters Jacob and Edward, i mean i'm a Harry Potter fanatic but i love the whole thing not just Harry or any other character.

This isn't a great blog, but i'm trying to blog every day so some of them might not be all that great.

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