Sunday, July 4, 2010

Doctor....Who ?

So you may or may not have noticed that in my blog about my top ten favourites of things i did not menion tv shows. I thought they deserved a blog of their own! That and i forgot to put them in when i was writing that. So here is just a bit about my favourite tv shows, starting with....

Doctor Who. Now i guess i should say now that the only full series I've seen so far is the 5th but i am getting the boxset so will catch up! But I just love this show! The writing is so clever and funny, and the qualtiy acting really does them justice. The characters are just so quirky and loveable and awesome! Just a little note here but i have to say i love Stephen Moffet for putting the doctor in a fez. With villans like the daleks and the cybermen its like a cycle of awesomness. I myself usually forget when shows are on or stop watching halfway through a season but I make a point of seeing Doctor Who week in week out, when its on of course.

This next show i only started watching because my cousins in Australia liked it, and i must say they have great taste! The show I am talkin about is NCIS. If you don't know what that stands for its Naval Criminal Investigative Service. Its like C.S.I but better written, with awesomer characters and just in general its better. Oh and its about crimes involving people in the navy. Abbey, a goth forensic scientist, has to be one of my favourite characters ever! She has some of the best lines ever.
Director Jenny: I'm not really here
Abbey: Do you know how long i've waited to pass into an alternate dimension ?!!
And her relationship with Gibbs, the main investigative dude person is so sweet. I think he's like a father figure to her! Abbey may be my favourite character but i love them all really, from Magee's nerdiness to Dinozzo's well i can't really describe what it is about Tony that i love but its there and of course Davids (Dah Veed) badassedness. I just love the show to bits, i will watch the same episode three times just to get all the witty lines or looks!

Stephen Fry is like an Idol for me. That man is a genius, and he hosts the next TV show in this list Q.I. I love Q.I for its little obscure facts, like the fact that the little shap the ticketman punches out of your ticket is called a didcot. That fact actually first appears in Douglas Adams' "The Meaning of Liff" and of course he created the show. But its the intelligent banter and jokes, and the sometimes not so intelligent banter and jokes that really make me keep watching. Take for instance my favourite scene, well one of them, the tales of obscurity. This is the answer Ronni Ancona gave
when asked what the tales of Obscurity were.
Is this book about the word Obscurity before it got famous, how it was beaten by its adjective father, and left on the doorstep and abandoned by its mother, and then it was the only noun growing up in a house of verbs, and the verbs were always going out doing lovely things, because they're
doing words, and poor Obscurity was stuck inside suffering from asthma, and then after school it was surrounded by quotation marks and got beaten up terribly, and then one day it entered into a reality TV show and it became very famous, and it was much in demand and used to describe all the people that leave Big Brother House?
I really don't think i need to explain why i love this show, do i ?

Pokemon! Now i know I know, aren't I a bit old for pokemon ? Not a chance. I still watch the original series online, can't really beat Ash, Brock and Misty, can you ? It was like the best thing on televison when I was growing up. I didn't get the games until recently, but as a kid i loved the whole friendship thing between the characters and the pokemon. I thought it was really cool that they weren't just pets or tools they were life long friends. And you have to admit the battles were pretty intense!

There are so many other TV shows i could've included Star gate, scrubs, house, bones, futurama and many others, but this is what came out. So what are your favourite Tv shows ?

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