Friday, July 23, 2010

Its been more then a week.

So i haven't exactly been blogging every week like I would. Its not that i've been busy or away or anything of the sort. I've just been lazy, as I am most of the time, but i am going to put in more of an effort.

This blog is just a general one to get you up to date with things that are happening, a few of the things i mention I will blog about again, only in more detail.

First things first, i've decided i'm getting a new guitar. A Yamaha APX500 to be exact. Why you ask ? Because it sounds rather nice, the one I have is older then i am and it will just be easier in the long run if and when i start gigging as this one will have an input. So yeah I am rather looking forward to that.

Secondly, I have a new video on youtube, its a lady gaga cover. Her songs are just so coverable. This is a rather short paragraph, I feel its needs one more sentence to be a proper paragraph. I have socks with sheep on, there we go.

I also wrote a new short story, which i will post on here in a day or two. Its a bit like a prequel to Steps, which is already on the blog, but both can be read on their own. Its about an event that i mentioned in Steps, but i won't mention it here in case any of you readers haven't read it yet.

I have a new song to, its about doctor who . Yeah I'm real proud of it. My first venture in to Trock. I feel this is an important moment. I wrote it mostly because I was bored and I had just gotten my sonic screwdriver.

Okay i think that's it for now.

Oh wait did I forget to mention i met Eoin Colfer ? That's going to be my next blog.

I will try to update weekly from now on, I promise.

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