Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Time for seconds ?

As some of you may know, Green Day is my favourite band. They just are. I love them, and as you may not know, i saw them last October, and that was a night to remember!

But enough about that, this blog is to tell you about last week, when i saw them again! For me it was too good to be true, twice in 1 year ? It was like wow.

When i saw them back in October, it was an indoor gig, they'd played the O2 depot, formally known as the Point. It was amazing, the best "big" gig i'd been too. I was really close too. I was about 2 people from the barrier. It blew me away. So as the date for the second time came around I wasn't sure if it would live up to that.

This was mainly because it was an outdoor gig, and i haven't had good experience of outdoor gigs, and it seemed to me it was rather hard to get in the pit. But i was still extremely excited.

When i got to Marlay Park (the venue) i saw that the line was fairly long, and i thought all hope of getting in the pit was lost. So i stood in line and then the moment of truth. I GOT A PIT PASS! I was so happy to have that little piece of paper around my wrist that i didn't really care about the waiting

Some how i ended up further up the line then when i'd started, but i wasn't complaining. When we were released in to the field people swarmed to the pit, i took my time and took a spot at the back of the pit as i knew if i went into the masses i'd end up with one too many elbows to the head. I took out my camera and then came on Joan Jett and the Blackhearts.

Now of course I'd heard of Joan Jett, but i knew all of one song, but the set just blew me away. They were some really good songs and i made a note to youtube them when i got home. I played photographer as i always do at gigs, as i like having the memories and well it was a great way to start of. Then came paramore.

I am a Paramore fan, have been since I first bought their album in a small underground record store. I'd seen them before so i knew what to expect and they delivered. I sang along with all the songs, or at least the ones i knew the lyrics too and again took some photos, the thing about Paramores set was that they were a bit more well known among the crowd and really got the crowd pumped up for Green Day.

I personally think Green Day are the best live band in the world, but i am bias. I just love the whole crowd interaction and the way they can play songs from before i was born and then dive into American Idiot. So i had high expectations, even if i didn't think it was going to be as good as before.

They started off with the the first few tracks of the new album and got the crowd going and it was a great start and the rest of the show improved from there. They played such a varied amount of songs, from East Jesus Nowhere, to 2000 light years away to the always funny King for a Day.

Of course the show has a set plan, but we had our own little incidents, like a person dressed as scooby doo got pulled on stage and well that was just awesome, we had a ten year old kid with a thick Dublin accent on for east jesus nowhere who was just so cute, and then we had the woman dressed as a nun who got a kiss from Billie Joe, i think she became the envy of every girl there! But one of my favourite moments was during longview when a young man from wexford got pulled on stage, hugged Billie Joe and sang his heart out. That was pretty awesome in itself, but the best was yet to come, Billie told him to do a stage dive so he moved to the back of the stage as if to run and jump, but it was like a jog and a fall, even Billie said it was "awful". It was just a great unique moment.

My favourite song of the night, well it was really two songs, was Wake me up/good riddance. They sang wake me up and then went into Good Riddance, it was beautiful, at the end of good riddance they sang the last line of wake me up. But i think the most beautiful moment of that song was when he sang the line "here comes the rain again" and it started to rain, it was very apt and brought a tear to many an eye, i think.

I was wrong to think it wouldn't be as good as the first time, it was better, so much better. Perhaps it was because they just put on a better show. But i think it was because i decided to stay back instead of be clobbered by the crowd and i could see everything rather then just one tiny segment of the stage. I just had a better experience i could appreciate it all so much better, and get some better pictures. Best gig of my life to date ? Yes. Best day of my life to date ? Maybe so, i think it just may have been.

there's a picture for y'all to enjoy somewhere up there ^ : )

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