Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Football....soccer.....that game with the roundy thing you put in the net

Its world cup time, in fact it has been for a few weeks now! So i think this prompts the reaction

WOOOOOOOOOOOO GO IRELA....wait we didn't qualify, and of course i being Irish, well partly irish, i blame Mr Henry.

But really i don't know why i'm so worked up about it, i'm not that big into soccer. Yes i support a team (spurs) and yes i guess i do follow the Premiership and champions league, but its casually. I can't even name 5 players on the team I support.

But there is something about the irish football team, it just invokes a sense of, for lack of a better word, patriotism. Most people in Ireland will tell you that ireland is a sorry state. Our Government is running us into the ground, we're in debt and don't get us started on those banks! But for football we all join in support behind our team.

Maybe its because we are seemingly always the underdog, that we a small country can make it in the big leagues! I'm not too sure myself, but i know that every time the play i will don a green t-shirt and shout, scream, wince and celebrate from infront of my television.

But of course this year i can't do that, as we aren't there. So this year i'm supporting Holland, as of course i am half dutch, and would you believe it were not doing too badly! Its a nice feeling to have a team that can do well!

This year, as with most years there is some controversy. The ball, the linesman, the goalies..*cough Rob Green cough* and of course the always faithful "why aren't we using technology instead of the human eye" debate! The ball, is a problem i can live with my self, as is the linesmen and the goalies. But the technology argument is one i'm am completely behind. I being Irish, can't really show my support for England, but they should've got that goal against Germany, and it may have changed the game, who knows!

So football, soccer, that game with the roundy thing you put in the net, whatever you want to call it, is here. Its big and its got the noise of a mosquito up to a microphone and well I love it and i don't know why.

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