Monday, June 28, 2010

oh the memories....

Well people, today is a big day in history, well my history at any rate. Are you ready for it ? I deleted my bebo page!

I know, i know, how could i get rid of my beautiful page, my first social networking experience. Turns out it was rather easy. I've been thinking about doing it for a long time, i mean whats the point of having something there if you never use it ? I went on every now and again, you know to see how things were doing, had any new friend request, did my long lost cousin bob finally find me ?! Turns out he didn't. Nothing new ever happened.

Outside of Taraland, in the real world, bebo has been dying a slow death. Its rivals myspace (a site i hate by the way) and facebook (a site i love) have dominated America, really one of the few places Bebo couldn't get off the ground, and then bebo started to lose its European users, its main market were leaving them for facebook. It just wasn't going anywhere fast.

This is partly why i deleted it, I mean, as a young person of course i feel under pressure to have the newest watchmacallit and the best dohicky, but a lot of the time i can't so this in a way is my version of that. Being on the new trend, saying that though i was on facebook nearly 2 years ago, so i may have been a bit before my time back then.

Another major reason for it, is simply music. Yes, i use social networking sites primarily to interact and talk to my friends, but for me it offers the opportunity to showcase my music and to try and build up a fanbase. I just felt that bebo didn't offer as much as facebook does uploading music wise, and twitter does interaction wise.

I guess a reason i won't readily admit is that, facebook is just that bit more grown up, and i guess i have grown up since i got my bebo page. Hell i've stopped typing like i'm missing half my brain! Thats major progress! I feel like i'm moving on, if that makes sense.

Bebo has many bad memories for me, that mostly take the shape of broken hearts. One in particular is very memrable as it was my first broken heart. That incident also saw that loss of my best friend. I think i've been hanging on to bebo in the hope of repairing not only that friendship but others aswell and that maybe now its gone i have truely left it all behind.

Reading that back, it strikes me that perhaps i'm reading to much into it. Maybe i'm just deleting something i never use.

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