Sunday, June 27, 2010

Music, music, everywhere

So i guess its been a while, and we're gonna have to go throught that awkward getting to know each other phase again, but....awh shucks i just missed you! That and i have something to talk about.

My Music

For the longest time i've been saying "i'm gonna be a musician, a singer/songwriter, i'm gonna do what i love" but really i haven't done much about it. Yes i set up the myspace, which i can't bloody use, and yes i have the youtube, which i can't bloody upload to, and yes i set up the facebook which i both can use and upload to, but it hasn't really done much for me. My fanbase is pretty much friends of either me or my family and well thats not really ideal.

So i'm taking action, later this summer, sometime in July hopefully, i'm going to record 2 demos and send one of them out. That isn't really a big move its going to take me all of a weekend and several envelopes but i think its a big move for me, i'm going to send one to anyone and everyone, maybe someone will listen, maybe they won't.

And i know what your thinking "Isn't she getting a bit ahead of herself, i mean she doesn't even gig!" were you not thinking that ? Well even if you weren't its true, i don't gig, not properly, its not because i don't want to, god how i want do, its because i can't. The only venues i can really play are pubs, and i can't play there until i'm 17. So come this December (or maybe next summer depending on when i can get my stuff together) i'm gonna start gigging, just me and my guitar, and yes i did just quote the belgian eurovision entry.

I guess work experience this year made me realise that i don't want to work in an office or 9-5 I want to be playing music that people like and listen to. I want to do what i love. I know there are so many other people who are like me and nothing happens for them but i'm still gonna try. I've given up on a lot over the past 7 years, friends, boys, dreams even getting good grades in Maths but this is something i feel i have to do.

As you can tell i've been thinking a lot about my future, especially university. Of course i want to go and further my education, but currently i'm thinking about maybe going to American and try and make something happen if nothings happening in Ireland. I just feel that for me personnaly them four years in university might change a lot. I know people who do both, gig and study, and maybe they're not mutually exclusive, but if music is what i want, and it is what i want, then i have to put my everything into it, not just my spare time, i need to give it my all. I'm chasing a dream, and i'm very happy doing so.

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