Friday, August 6, 2010

There shall be music on the streets of Gorey! ....and Kilkenny

If you've read previous posts on this blog, or are a friend of mine you know that I'm a musician singer/songwritery person. I love music, right now in fact I'm listening to an awesome play list I made yesterday. Speaking of which if any sentences don't have any context in this blog, its because I'm typing what I'm listening to. This happens a bit to often for my liking.

Anyway, to the point. I was in Gorey. Wait that's not the point... I was in Gorey and....oh yeah, i went busking! It was rather awesome. I have some experience performing, I sometimes play a song or two with a band called the shuck dodgers and I have entered the school talent show twice. So really I'm still a novice.

Now I'm not going to say that it was the easiest thing in the world or that i was natural, because well because that's not entirely true. Its easy enough to pick up a guitar and get set up and its even easy enough to start playing. But once you start playing and people just walk straight by and don't eh.. contribute it gets a bit awkward, well for me at least.

Luckily the interest soon picked up, and i was making a bit of money, pretty much doing what i love! Making music. Once I actually got into it and started having a good time, it was really enjoyable and I would have to say the high light of my to date. All in all for an hour and a half's work I made 30 euro which i consider to pretty good.

While I was busking a man with a rather complicated looking camera, came up and asked me if i wanted to be in the paper, of course i said yes. He got some information on me from my dad and asked me a few question, well 2 questions but I'm still counting it as a sort of interview! Its going to be in the south east time soon, I'll probably blog about it again when i get the newspaper.

So that was my first experience of busking! I'm going to Kilkenny tomorrow, and yes i am going to busk again while I'm down there and I can't wait!

Oh and i almost forgot i also get to see the genius that is Mick Flannery live! He is pretty much what i aspire to be as a musician so this is such a big thing to me! I may even get to meet him! And yes i am having a fangirl attack right now.

That's your lot for now folks
Until i blog again, goodbye.

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