Thursday, August 12, 2010


So several weeks ago i blogged about how i'm going to really try with this music thing and how i want to live my dream. And i do still want to. In fact I've even started busking! I have actually made money doing what i love. Its wonderful!

This new determination made me, on impulse, today decide to have a look at my old Myspace band page (and yes i know i have blogged about social networking before). So i logged on, and sure enough i remembered my password, which in itself was a mean feat for me.

Once i logged on, i realised it was all new and shiny and seemingly more user friendly. So i had a look at my profile. It was just as i'd left it, completely plain, well bar a few really rough recordings i'd uploaded. I decided the first thing i'd do was get a background image for, well no real reason in particular.

I got busy. I went into the edit profile and was about to get to work when i suddenly remembered, i know nothing of HTML or CSS. It was then i remembered why i stopped using Myspace, it was so bloody difficult. Lucky for me however, they had updated it! Basically this meant HTML noobs like me could use it without frying their brains. So i uploaded my background picture, which took like 3 hours, because the pictures i wanted to use weren't big enough and looked awful tiled.

Anyway when i FINALLY got that done and had chosen my colour scheme and all that jazz. I noticed that somehow, at some time,Myspace ( and yes i am blaming them) had managed to put all the information from the bio and what not into a html box. Which is all well and good, but felt rather silly to me.
Firstly because it meant the information was on there twice and secondly because the html box doesn't seem to understand the concept of the enter button.

So i went about my way and deleted it. Only to find that it was still there. This perplexed me. But i reckoned that it was because i hadn't saved or something of the sort. So i went back and did this numerous times, getting more and more frustrated, when i realised that on Myspace changes can take up to 24 hours to update. I felt very foolish.

I was about to decide to give up when i though "hmmm maybe i should upload a new song or two" so i did. Well i tried. My upload attempts failed. Now i would've put it down to my terrible internet had it not been for the fact that i have been able to upload all my songs to Facebook. So Myspace its all your fault. I hope your happy Tom!

Anyway thats my rant over. No real purpose to this blog other then to rant. I hope you don't mind.

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