Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Its ...................... REVIEW time

well as most of you probably don't know reviews aren't exactly what i'm best at :D But i just felt this book deserved one

The crowded shadows- Celine Kiernan

I remember when went to the book launch of the first book the poison throne having finished it before hand and thinking..................why oh bloody why do i have to wait so long for book 2. But it was worth it.

Its been a while since i've founda book that truely captures my imagination but this book or rather these books do. Its impossible not to love the characters and the relationships and the general i suppose feel of the book.

I personnaly write a bit myself mostly short stories that lack dept in my honest opinion. So this i supose has given me a greater admiration for books and stories that have the imagery to bring to a place and immerse you in its surroundings, way of life, culture and enviroment. This book does all that and seems to do it seamlessly almost like the author has lived these characters lived and the stories has always been waiting to be told.

I being irish have been studying irish since i started school . Its not my best subject but i don't dislike it. I love the way this book embraces that irish language with little phrases and words. Like sceal and my personnal favourite Craoi eile (excuse my spelling like i said not my best subject) . I find the way christopher refers to Wynter as his other heart so immensly heart warming that i was practicly trying to dive into the book to tell him so. Apart from the fact that i love the sentiment of that practicular phrase i love how an irish author has used irish as a part of this story its said to be a dieing language but if all irish authors embraced it liek this i doubt it would ever die.

In case your wondering i'm deliberatly ( again sorry for my spelling) avoiding the topic of what happens in the book itself this is as i feel it is a story that needs to be read to be apriciated it needs to be taken in one word at a time . But perhaps my favourite part of the book is not the exciting pulse racing nerve rackingly insanely suspense filled moments but the Wynter Christopher relationship. This has fascinated me from the beginning and it continues to do so. The way it evolves and progresses and changes has had me turning pages and reading words faster then i thought possible.

To round off. I like to think i have a good archive of books in my read section from Harry potter to the kite runner to twilight to The shadow of the wind. All of them i are books i have enjoyed reading and rereading. But this book and the whole trilogy deserves its own spot in my all time top books of the universe and all other universes ever. It holds its own ( in my opinion) against the thrills of harry potter and the relationships of twilight and the downright awesomeness of the book thief, his dark materials and well any other book i 've read.

So all in all this book is a must read. It is a book that would capture anyones imagination it will take you to another time and place and you will never want to leave because one becomes entrawled in its stories. If i had a say in the matter i would not let this trilogoy stop at three books. But alas i do not. All i can do know is sit and wait impatiently for book 3 which will undoubtly surpass the previous two books.

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